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    Mystical sorceress and a nanny to Franklin Richards. She was also a teacher to the Scarlet Witch, by whom she was murdered in the end.

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    Agatha Harkness is a centuries old witch and possesses a great mastery of magic. Her remarkable talents already soon led to her meeting the Fantastic Four. She lived in a home on Whisper Hill, until it was destroyed during a fight.


    Agatha was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and first appeared in Fantastic Four #94 (1970) .

    Major Story Arcs

    Nanny of the Fantastic Four

    Agatha protecting Franklin
    Agatha protecting Franklin

    When the son of Reed and Sue Richards was born, named Franklin Richards, Agatha soon became the nanny to the young boy. This was not only done because she seemed to be a sweet older woman, but also because of her capability to keep Franklin from harm, even from the supernatural if needed to be. Agatha and Franklin had a good relationship, but she soon noticed something strange about the boy. Franklin was an extremely powerful mutant, it seemed. She was the first to warn his parents of his reality-warping power.

    With the Avengers

    Next to her job as a nanny for the Fantastic Four, Agatha also helped out others in the superhero community. One such was the Avengers, the Scarlet Witch. She helped her grow in her HEX powers. Although she remained a trusted sight in the superhero community, at one point, Agatha was relieved of her duty as a nanny to Franklin and was only seen from time to time again.

    Avenges Disassembled

    During the events of Avengers Disassembled, it was revealed that Agatha had died by the hands of her former pupil, the Scarlet Witch. The Scarlet Witch had had a nervous breakdown over the loss of her children. When Agatha tried to help the Witch by confronting her with her loss, she became feral and slew Agatha in the process. Agatha has not been heard from since her death, but it seems logical that the Avengers had a burial for her.


    She is a witch, and possesses a great mastery of the mystic arts. She can also create illusions, move objects, project force-fields and thoughts, and teleport. Agatha Harkness' mystic abilities are so vast, that she is 1/3 the Earth's High Priestess, a title that she shares equally with her former student, Scarlet Witch, and X-man, Storm. Her title of High Priestess, and a slight hint from Wanda, suggests that Agatha may still be alive.

    Her pet cat, Ebony, can transform into a mystical panther and is very dangerous.

    Other versions

    Ultimate Agatha Harkness

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    In the Ultimate Universe, Agatha is a Colonel in S.H.I.E.L.D. with Alpha Clearance. She visits the Baxter Building to have words with Dr. Franklin Storm. She feels that the needs of the Fantastic Four are not being met. She says the history of the program they are running is one of squandered potential and wasted opportunity. She proceeds to interview each member, asking questions about their personal lives and relationships. She seems to want to really connect with Johnny Storm. Agatha is a professor in the Ultimate Universe. However, she does not like Susan Storm and she brilliantly leads Susan into an ambush. Agatha joins with the rest of Salem's Seven in beating Susan to the edge of unconsciousness and tossing her into the river to meet a watery doom.


    X-Men Evolution (2000)

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    Agatha was recruited by Mystique to help Wanda, recently freed from a mental institution, to develop and control her powers. Later, after Mystique was turned into stone in freeing Apocalypse, Nightcrawler sought her out in hopes of helping his mother. Agatha admitted that there was nothing she could do, but revealed that Rogue might have the ability to change Mystique back with her powers.

    Agatha Harkness was voiced by Pauline Newstone.

    The Avengers: United They Stand (1999)

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    Agatha Harkness has appeared in the Avengers: United They Stand episode ''The Sorceress' Apprentice'' voiced by Elizabeth Shepherd.

    WandaVision (2021)

    Agatha Harkness is a "nosy neighbor" sitcom-trope named Agnes to Wanda and Vision in Westview, before she was revealed to use magic which she used to fight Wanda. Agnes is played by Kathryn Hahn in WandaVision on the Disney+ streaming service.

    Agatha was a member of a coven of witches in Salem. She was caught practicing dark magic and put on trial by her mother. But amidst her execution by magic, she reversed it and killed her would-be murderers, including her mother.

    Sensing a wave of magic, she ended up in Westview which was stuck in a warped reality under Wanda Maximoff's control. Intent on uncovering how it happened, she feigned submission and with knowledge from the Darkhold, she took on the identity of Agnes.

    Agatha: House of Harkness

    Kathryn Hahn will reprise her role as Agatha Harkness in the WandaVision spin-off about the title character which will be called Agatha: House of Harkness. The spin-off will be streaming on Disney+.

    Physical Description

    • Height: 5'11"
    • Weight: 130lbs
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: White
    • Other Distinguishing features: None

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