Character » Agantuk appears in 11 issues.

    High councilor of the Durapasya and agent of the Cabinet of Shadows.

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    Agantuk is a member, and high councilor, of the Durapasya. However, he is also an agent of the The Cabinet of Shadows. This makes him a different type of Durapasya, for while he still worships the Pure Gods and is devoted to Devi, he feels that man should be able to run their own affairs without interference from the divine or the demonic.

    Agantuk has spent much time trying to convince the Durapasya that the Devi incarnate's life should not be ended, but that the Devi entity should be allowed to coexist with a human spirit within a host. This would allow for the powers of the Devi to be manifested whilst still maintaining a human side.

    Agantuk managed to save Tara Mehta from Kratha, the Aspara assassin that Lord Bala hired to kill her. Agantuk got to see his dream come true when in the midst of battling Kratha and Iyam, who attacked the Durapasya's temple to kill Tara, Tara was not sacrificed and the Devi entity entered her body.

    Agantuk is currently working with Amara Gaelle to recover the source before Lord Bala is able to get it.


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