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    The son of an Asgardian God and a mortal mother

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    Thousand of years ago, Vali Halfling was born to a mortal woman. His father, Asgardian mischief god Loki, apprenticed him in Asgard, where he befriended the frost giant Siingard. At some point, Vali became trapped in Hel, Asgardian realm of the dead, but his sister Hela released him out of familial love. When Vali angered the gods by stealing secrets, Odin banished him from Asgard, and Loki cursed him with eternal adolescence. Vali had several children on Earth, but few gained godly benefits. He bargained with extraterrestrial Troyjan empire, offering his offspring at any time in exchange for technology to augment his offspring powers; the Troyjans also claim to have enhanced Vali immortality. Approximately 1000 years ago, Vali stopped his descendants to see his true form, instead using disguise to appear older.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Pantheon

    Centuries ago, Vali created the pantheon organizations, ostensibly to improve mankind, with his descendants as the inner circle. Using the name Agamemnon, he kept the inner circle in line with individual promises of favoritism. At some point, their headquarters, the mount, was built in what would later be Nevada; it included a private sanctum within its core where Vali remained cloistered. Approximately every 50 years, Vali left the Mount on sojourns to procreate and recruit new Pantheon members. Using magic and technology, Vali cursed each of his descendant to disintegrate at death, with their essence empowering his Endless Knights a fail safe program that would unleash their undead forms at his enemies. The Knights retained a semblance of their old personalities, but once unleashed, would not stop until his enemies were dead or Vali himself was killed. Vali rarely met directly with others, but nearly 400 years ago he had an unidentified regular visitors, whom he considered a worthy tactician, in his sanctum before that visitors death. For many years, an unidentified female acquaintance maintained the Pantheon during his sojourns, most recently during World War 2 when Vali adventured under various aliases and recruited his son Helmut, a German Jew who would become Achilles, before faking his death and returning to the mount. Another of the Pantheon, Jason was tasked with with removing pantheon members who questioned Vali's authority, but he refused to kill the Pantheon's then field field leader Ulysses in 1963. Vali declared Jason a renegade and had Achilles kill Ulysses 1965; another descendant Walter Charles became the new Ulysses,and Pantheon member Andromeda gave birth to Delphi, who would become Vali's trusted prophet in later years. At some point, the woman who previously ran the tested cybernetic enhancement on the War mercenaries, adapting the techniques on the Endless knights

    With the Hulk

    For an unrevealed reason, Vali ordered his descendants Prometheus to capture the Hulk. Failing Prometheus recommended Vali recruit the Hulk to enhance the Pantheon. The Hulk subsequently allowed himself to be captured by the Pantheon to learn more about them and agreed to join after hearing Vali's to improve humanity's future. Vali also ordered Ulysses and Achilles to save the speedster Thunderbolt (Luis Barret) from corrupt billionaire Justin Hammer's influence, but did not order his recruitment. When Delphi saw a vision of Max Meer, son of Draburg ambassador becoming the next Hitler, Vali sent Achilles to kill him, but also sent Hulk to stop Achilles to test them both. Max barely survived, but his telepathic friend Gretta Rabin, also a child secretly swore to make Max an influential leader some day. Vali had Delphi investigate the monstrous Dracchiss based on message sent from Vali 500 years in a potential future (reality-9218), drawing him to the present through Delphi's mystic pool once there, the pantheon banished Dracchiss into open space, thereby preventing Dracchiss from causing millions, including the overthrow of sociopathic dictator Farnoq Sawalha Dahn's government in Trans-sabal and battling the demonic Wild One, when the Wild One corrupted; when the wild one corrupted his descendent Paris, Vali sent Ulysses to help restore him. Later the Leader had the U-Foes and the gamma-irradiated riot squad infiltrate the Mount, to convince Vali to work with him on unrevealed future plans. To get him to leave, Vali agreed to help the leader protect Freehold, a refuge for gamma radiation victims in Canada, from Hydra. Hulk was long time enemies with the Leader quit the Pantheon agreement, so Vali recruited Betty Banner to coax her husband back. Vali told the Hulk deal with the leader was a ruse, and instead offered Hulk a chance to defeat the Leader; the Hulk stopped Hydra and caused setbacks in the Leader unrevealed plans. Afterward, Vali revealed his true form to Hulk as a gesture of good will. He asked Hulk to run the Pantheon while he went on a sojourn despite protest from Achilles, the Pantheon accepted the change.

    In Vali's absence, Troyjan prince Trauma (Trow-Mah) begin a war with the Pantheon because Vali's descendant Atalanta refused to marry him. Trauma relinquished his claim on Atalanta before accidentally dying while battling Hulk, but the revelation of Vali's secret pact with the Troyjans led the Pantheon to seek Vali for an explanation; simultaneously, Jason sought revenge on Vali. To avoid Jason and the Hulk, Vali transported himself and pursuers to Asgard using a portal he had hidden in Fenway Park. There Hulk battled the replacement Thor (Red Norvell) while Vali sought Siingard. Hulk and Thor settled their difference and united Warriors Three and Pantheon forces, but Siingard sent his and Vali nephew the monstrous Hoarfen, alleged spawn of Fenris Wolf and a frost giant after then. Berserk, Hoarfen ate Hulk and Vali, sending both to Hel. Hela allowed her brother and Hulk to leave, as Vali promised to return to one day and Vali made the Hulk swear on Betty's life that he'd let free Vali; on Earth, Hulk bypassed this by having the Pantheon restrain him. Placed ob traIl but the feeling his children had no right to judge or question him. Vali summoned the Endless Knight to ckeabse the Mount. Civilians were evacuated while the Pantheon fought their undead predecessors and Vali escaped; Achilles who sided with Vali and Betty who ignored Hulk warning to stay way from the fight, nearly died in battle. Pursued by Atalanta, Veli seemingly died in rocket-plane explosion, which recalled the Endless Knights. With the Mount destroyed, Vali's descendants relocated and created a democratic Pantheon.

    Return after Ragnarok

    The Asgardians, including Vali, were reborn when Thor Odinson reappeared following a Ragnarok event. Operating without a holographic disguise as many of his descendants now knew his true form, Vali regained control of the Pantheon and convinced some of the, including Atalanta to rejoin him with the promise of saving humanity while attaining true godhood. The pantheon also became subcontractors for Zeus Olympus Group which increase the Greek gods involvement to mortals affairs. While corrupt businessman Norman Osborn's siege on Asgard distracted the Norse gods, Vali agents stole various artifacts he needed for an omniscience formula, including the Apples of Idunn which maintain Asgardian youth and plans for obtaining other necessary ingredients. Vali tricked Olympus CEO genius Amadeus Cho into completing the formula from Hebe cup bearer of the Olympian gods and destroyed the Promethean Flame that maintains Olympian power causing all Olympian to weaken and age rapidly. Vali further implicated Cho while announcing his plan to the council of Godheads causing panic. Vali commandeered Olympus Group headquarters, unaware Olympian enemy Delphyne Gorgon was loose in the building. While the godheads focused on Cho, Vali stole the book of Tgith from Neter-Ka the books spells Vali entered the Hindu realm of Krauncha and forced Dhanvanari . Although Vali fended of Cho and Thor he was surprised by Delphyne who gained control of Atalanta energy bow after and gain omniscience, undoing Vali damage and sending Vali to Duat Egyptian land of the dead where faced Egyptians (Enead) goddess of destruction in battle.


    Agamemnon was after Wolfsbane and Hrimhari's baby, like many other gods and monsters were. The baby would play a vital role in the Hell on Earth War, but at this point it was not yet known. Agamemnon was apparently killed during the struggle for the baby not long after it's conception.

    Powers & Abilities

    Descended from the Asgardian frost giants. Vali is superhumanly strong (lifting 30 tons) and durable; his skin and bones are several times denser than a mortal but can be injured by powerful explosions, Vali is un-aging trapped in teenage form millenia ago, he suffers mortal teenage concerns including hormonal changes and acne. Unlike most of his immediate family Vali is not a natural shape shifter, and has to rely on other means to alter his appearance. Vali practiced in the use magic but displayed magical abilities only after internalizing enchantments from the Book of Thoth, including minor demon control various energy projection and levitation. Vali has an extraordinary intellect and is a master strategist able to forecast the future development of social structures. He an excellent hand to hand combatant and has trained many of his children in the art of war. Vali often employs hologram, keyed to the brainwave patterns of those he wishes to interact with, to appear anywhere and in any visual conditions for example as towering angry god he often appears within reflective surfaces. He can teleport worldwide or to any godly pantheon's dimension using technological or magical means and often carries guns loaded with mistletoe bullets, capable of injuring impervious gods. Vali also has access to the Pantheon's international military networks and resources.


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