Character » Agamemno appears in 11 issues.

    Cosmic villian and would-be universe conqueror. Battled the Justice League of America in the Silver Age.

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    After the Big Bang there were some sentients formed, one of them was Agamemno who was formed by cosmic energy. When exploring space he gained the desire for controlling this universe and every creature in it. His father, however wanted to be the controller of the universe himself making him and his son rivals. Trying to gain an advantage to win from his father Agamemno converted himself to sentient energy, also he explored the universe searching for three objects of which a powerful weapon could be made. While exploring he came across planet Earth, at that time in the early days of the modern age of heroism. Agamemno made super powered heroes and villains do as he liked, the JLA tried to stop him and they succeeded, they also prevented the three objects of getting combined. Agamemno then left Earth seeking for other ways to beat his father in the quest of ruling the cosmos.

    Powers and Abilities

    Incredibly powerful, Agamemno has displayed a variety of abilities. He once imbued inanimate objects with his energy, bringing them to life. On another occasion he caused personas to swap bodies.


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