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Powers and Abilities

Agaard Jum Sai is a master of Muy Thai and Muy Boran from Thailand and is considered to be the greatest fighter of these disciplines alongside Apachai Hopachai. Agaard is a high master class fighter who can scare other master class fighters simply with his killing intent. Bening a Muy Thai and Muy Boran master Agaard is adept at using his knees and elbows in fights and can easily kill people with glancing blows. He was able at point when he was younger to throw a match for personal gain (Apachai would have been moved to a different gym had he won), but landed a delayed killing blow that took his opponents life when he received the championship belt. Agaard as a young adult and on his own moved from Muy Thai gym to gym and killed all the students and masters he came across including the top three Muy Boran masters in the country. Even Shigure who shows very little emotion was terrified when she saw Agaard. His strength is great enough to rend chain mail that was previously impervious to a master class swordsmen and bullets as well as punch a hole clean through Apachai. His speed is similarly impressive as Agaard as a young adult was so fast that no Muy Thai master, not even Apachai could follow his movements. During his latest battle with Apachai Agaard was able to speed away to Kenichi to comment on how happy he was that Kenichi helped Apachai gain control of his strength and went back to fighting in an instant.


  • Kuryou Ruushi Faan - Agaard grabs his opponent with one hand and after straightining out his body unleashes a flying punch with the other. If the punch misses its mark Agaard will spin with his side to damage the opponent instead.
  • Sombun Yan Erwam - Agaard jumps into the air, flips upside down and drops an airborne knee onto his opponent aiming for the chest, specifically the heart. Agaard will spin to cause extra damage of necessary.
  • Gamraba Ramasun Quan Kan - Agaard inhales and pumps his muscles then jumps at the opponent to strike with a raised elbow.
  • Bolosud Look Mai - Used after Agaard has done a traditional Muy Thai dance, he stabds up in a prayer like stance which his master said gives him absolute power.

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