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    Aftershock is the name of two female villains, both inheriting their electric powers from different versions of their father, Electro. Allison Dillon is from Earth-982, the MC2 universe, and Danielle Blunt is from Counter-Earth, a version of Earth from the Earth-616 universe.

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    Character biography

    Max Dillon fell in love with a young woman named Marilyn, who never married Max because of his criminal history as Electro, but did have a child with him. Their daughter Allison inherits her father's electrical abilities, and due to slight differences in the polarities of Max and Allison's electrical fields, the slightest physical contact with each other burns them.

    Max returns to his criminal ways as Electro and is sent to prison, and Marilyn dies of cancer. Young Allison is placed in foster care, where she is bounced from one home to another. In her teens, Allison designs a costume very similar to her father's Electro costume. Furthermore, she decides to use her powers to be a criminal like her father. She tries to rob a jewelry store at a mall, but is stopped by Spider-Girl. Later, using the codename "Aftershock", Allison attempts to rob some armored cars, but again she was stopped by Spider-Girl. This caused Allison to harbor a vendetta against Spider-Girl.

    Electro found out about his daughter's criminal ways, and contacts Spider-Girl as well as her father, Spider-Man, so that the three could confront Aftershock. Electro convinces his daughter to return with him, and that they would find a way to overcome their inability to touch. She agrees and leaves with him. She has not returned to her criminal ways since.

    Ironically, the cover to the story issue shows Aftershock and Spider-Girl in a boxing ring, with their fathers acting as corner men. In the story, Electro took up the cause of law and order, siding with Spider-Man and Spider-Girl in an attempt to thwart his daughter's wicked ways immediately.


    She later appears as an illusion/hallucination when Spider-Girl is close to death. She again appears as an illusion when Spider-Girl is battling Mindworm.


    Aftershock appeared in the mainstream reality along with other young villains to wreck havoc on New York. These new supervillains called themselves the Bastards of Evil, each claiming to be the illegitimate child of a different Marvel villain. They were interrupted by superhero Firestar, Nomad, Araña, Gravity and Toro. She took on first Firestar and then Gravity. But the fight was interrupted by a green explosion.

    After the explosion she and the rest of her team went off into hiding. At that time she spoke to a mysterious man in the shadows about the incident. He told her that she has to take advantage of the situation and hit the world even harder. At that time Firestar and Gravity contacted her supposed father Electro who denied that she was his daughter saying he has been a villain as long as she has lived and if they do the math they also will get it.

    It was later revealed that the Superior, a very young super villain with powers similar to the Leader, genetically manipulated the various members of the Bastards and implanted them with false memories to convince them they were truly the sons and daughters of master criminals. Aftershock's real name was Danielle Blunt, and was kidnapped from Cortez, Colorado. Aftershock, along with the rest of the Bastards of Evil, were defeated and incarerated at the Raft, after learning the truth of her origins.

    She does, however, have a costume similar to Black Lightning from DC.

    Fear Itself

    Aftershock and several other felons that included Ember, Living Laser, Icemaster and Whirlwind escaped from the Raft after a mystic hammer crashed into the facility. Juggernaut picked up the mystical item and transformed into Kuurth of the Worthy. Aftershock and the other Raft escapees headed into Stamford where they started attacking innocent civilians. Speedball took on all five villains by himself but was eventually overwhelmed after Ember ignited the air around him and he lost consciousness from lack of oxygen. Aftershock and her companions left the scene after Speedball was laid out.

    Powers & Abilities

    Aftershock has the ability to manipulate electricity for a variety of effects. She can fire miniature lightning bolts at her opponents, surround herself in a protective shield of energy, or electrocute a person with a touch of her hands. She can absorb electricity from various sources to enhance her powers. She can fly via magnetic levitation, by surrounding herself in an electromagnetic field of equal polarity to the Earth's.

    Other Media


    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Aftershock appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Twisted Spark] Aftershock


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