Character » Afterburner appears in 2 issues.

    She is a short, slim, young woman capable of running at superhuman speeds, appearing as a blur, with superhuman reflexes and agility, although with normal strength and intelligence

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    Justin Hammer's plan to drive the rich out of the affluent areas of Los Angeles by starting a gang war was in jeopardy because of Silver Sable and her Wild Pack. Hammer told his assistant to call his minions in the Los Angeles area which included Afterburner, Beetle, Blacklash, Boomerang, Spymaster, Blizzard and Cyclone to prepare an assault on Silver Sable and her crew. Hammer's minions ambushed Silver Sable and the Wild Pack inside a warehouse. Afterburner used her superhuman speed to pummel Powell with a flurry of punches but things started to get out of control when the gang members jumped into the fray. Afterburner knocked some gangsters on their asses and Hammer's minions retreated away in their transport. The speedster hasn't been seen since and the current whereabouts of Afterburner are unknown.     


    Afterburner was created by Gregory Wright and Steven Butler in 1994 and first appeared in Silver Sable & The Wild Pack # 21.

    Powers & Abilities

    Afterburner possesses superhuman speed and has the ability to throw punches at her enemies multiple times per second. Whether her abilities are artificial or possibly mutant related is unknown.

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