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    Volume » Published by Red 5 Comics. Started in 2008.

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    In the near future, a massive solar flare strikes the dayside of the Earth, utterly destroying the Eastern Hemisphere. Europe, Africa, Asia, India and Russia are turned into wastelands. What life remains becomes mutated from radiation and fallout. This is the backdrop for Red 5 Comics’ adventure series, AFTERBURN.

    Beneath the ash, death and tragedy, treasures both modern and ancient lay unclaimed. Enter Jake and his team of “recovery experts”. For the right price, they are willing to enter the quarantine zone to retrieve items for rich Western clients. The Mona Lisa, the Rosetta Stone, the Crown Jewels — no job is too big or small. Along the way, they must face rival treasure hunters, rogue armies, pirate gangs, and hostile mutants. But as the saying goes — amid chaos, there’s profit.

    AFTERBURN is written by Red 5 Comics co-founders, Scott Chitwood and Paul Ens. Chitwood was a co-founder of and currently writes for popular movie destinations, and Ens is former Director of Lucas Online for Lucasfilm, and the creator of such comic series as Star Wars: Evasive Action and Neozoic.

    Collected in Afterburn.


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