Afraid of Everything #1

    Afraid of Everything » Afraid of Everything #1 - GN released by IDW Publishing on April 2020.

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    What kind of scared are you? Find out in these fun horror stories for young readers based on a range of phobias from Arachnophobia to Zoophobia! These tales of fear, dread, risk, and doom contain all the classic elements of horror that young fans crave, without the gore. Features 26 terrifying short stories, each based on a different A-to-Z phobia and accompanied by a unique illustration. Also includes 11 bonus stories featuring art by Temmie Chang, Mariel Cartwright, and Ko Takeuchi, plus a section detailing the origins and developments of the stories and art.


    • A is for Arachnophobia (spiders)
    • B is for Bibliophobia (books)
    • C is for Cartilogenophobia (skeletons)
    • D is for Didaskaleinophobia (school)
    • E is for Electrophobia (electricity)
    • F is for Frigophobia (freezing)
    • G is for Glossophobia (speaking)
    • H is for Hormephobia (being surprised)
    • I is for Iophobia (poison)
    • J is for Juveniphobia (children)
    • K is for Katsaridaphobia (cockroaches)
    • L is for Lygophobia (shadows)
    • M is for Melissophobia (bees)
    • N is for Necrophobia (death)
    • O is for Ophidiophobia (snakes)
    • P is for Pyrophobia (fire)
    • Q is for Quietophobia (silence)
    • R is for Ranidaphobia (frogs)
    • S is for Scopophobia (being watched)
    • T is for Technophobia (technology)
    • U is for Uranophobia (heaven)
    • V is for Verminophobia (germs)
    • W is for Wiccaphobia (witches)
    • X is for Xylophobia (wood)
    • Y is for Yuckiphobia (filth)
    • Z is for Zoophobia (animals)

    Bonus Stories

    • A is for Alienophobia (aliens)
    • A is for Athazagoraphobia (being forgotten)
    • A is for Autophobia (being alone)
    • C is for Chaetophobia (hair)
    • C is for Chiroptophobia (bats)
    • G is for Gerascophobia (getting old)
    • H is for Hemophobia (blood)
    • H is for Heortophobia (holidays)
    • L is for Lachanophobia (vegetables)
    • P is for Phasmophobia (ghosts)
    • V is for Vintagophobia (video games)

    Note: The digital edition (6/3/2020) for this volume was released before the print edition.



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