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History of the winery

The winery was founded in 1858 by Silas Manchester. There are speculations that he was actually a time traveller from the far future, but no one can prove that as no bottle in the winery is older than 1860. Later, it was owned by James Curran in 1860, which was also the year where the first records of wine-based time travel were made.

In 1863, the winery was hosting a meeting of the Emancipation Party of New York. However, it was burned down the same night by an angry mob of people who wanted to kill the politicians, blaming them for planning them to send them to "their" war. The winery was later rebuilt.

Around 2017, the winery was owned by Jack Cadell. Noticing Megan Howe's boredom during a party, he invited her to the cellar and revealed the secret of the magic cellar to her when they traveled to 1916. Megan refused to believe him at first, but eventually the two used the magic wine to explore some American history and primarily find out more about her mysterious aunt, whom she never met and first heard of during a time travel, however Jack's late wife, also a time traveler, prevented their first meeting as Howe's time in the past was almost over at that point and she didn't want Megan to dissapear in front of everyone.

After finally finding out her aunt's name through a note left by Teresa, Megan and Jack decided to celebrate this by travelling to the year Megan's late grandfather was born. However, Jack forgot to warn her that 1863 was the year where the winery was burnt down. Luckily, their time travel ended just in time for them both to return to the present alive.

Eventually, after making his final trip to his wife while she was still alive and get some photos for Megan to help her mother and aunt to remember their time together, Jack and Megan travelled to the year , where he had asked his wife to marry him. Jack revealed that he decided to stay in the past by drinking a bottle of wine that would temporarily bring him further back, but also make the year he drank it his new present. The winery was left in the hands of Megan now, who took care of the winery whenever she didn't have to be at her job as a school teacher.

Rules of Time Travel

There are certain rules concerning the time travel powers of the winery:

  • The bottle users drink from has to be from the winery, but it only works when being drunken in the cellar.
  • Users can choose any day in the year the wine was made in, but you can only visit each day once.
  • The users only spend a limited time in the past before going back.
  • The users can only travel through time, but not space; they always arrive in the cellar when travelling to the past.
  • The users' clothes and hairstyles change, making it impossible for the travellers to take or to bring something with them. As this means that they can't pay their drinks in the winery, the travellers have a secret password "On Justin's [Justin Time, a pun of Just in time] tab, please.", to be given a wine without having to pay and to be recognized as time travellers by the staff.
  • According to Jack, changing history is impossible, as he tried everything he could to safe his wife from dying, but failed. However, that law might only be Jack's subjective opinion as Megan was able to slightly influence other people, like talking with a future politician about education, something he became very passionate about in his future career. In 1963, Jack was also forced by the former owner to tell him of the winery's future after it was burned.
  • When someone drinks a bottle in the cellar when he's already in the past to travel further, he will not return to his original present. Instead, once his second time travel during the time travel is over, the original destination of his first time travel, which he now returned to, is his new present. According to Jack, many used this technique to stay in the past as they preferred it to their present. Eventually, Jack himself drinks a bottle from some years prior while being in 1971, resulting in him staying in this time and never be able to return to 2017.

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