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Aerodactyl was supposed to have died out, before humans even began to populate the earth, however scientist began bringing them back to life through DNA found in a stone called Old Amber. Aerodactyl first appeared in the episode "attack" of the prehistoric pokemon, where it faced Ash's newly evolved Charizard.

Height: 5'11" 1.524m

Weight: 130.1lbs. 9.29stones (estimated amount), 59.01kg (estimated amount)

Number: 142

Abilities: Rock Head, Pressure

Evolution: none

Notable Aerodactyl

Red: Named Aero he is a clone from the old amber Giovanni gave to Red. Red uses him a lot for flight travel. He is able to hold the weight of Red and his entire team including his Snorlax. Aero’s wing has severely injured in a battle against Deoxys


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