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    Aero was a student at Xavier Institute as well as sister to the X-men Cannonbal and Husk. She was de-powered after M-Day and returned living in Kentucky.

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    Aero is the younger sibling of Cannonball, Husk and Icarus. The middle child of ten siblings, Melody Guthrie was the fourth of the Guthrie children to have manifested mutant abilities.


    Aero was created by Chris Claremont, Jackson Butch Guice and Kyle Baker. She debuted in The New Mutants #42.

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining Xavier's

    Sent to join her kin at the Xavier Institute, Melody ultimately lost her powers with the advent of M-Day. Believing she still had her powers, she jumped off a building, but was saved by Beast in the nick of time. Since then, she lived at home with her mother, Lucinda, and her other siblings. She was present with her mother when she received a call from Emma Frost concerning the death of her brother Josh.

    Dawn of X

    Aero volunteered for "The Crucible" on Krakoa. The Crucible is when a de-powered mutant fights another mutant (in her case: Apocalypse) to their death. The FIve then bring that mutant back but with their mutant ability in tact.

    Powers and Abilities

    Aero had the power of flight, by creating an energy based aura around herself.


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