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Brief History

The background of Aerivar XVIII has never been detailed. Even his name was created decades following his first appearance. Comic book historians have noted the king bears a resemblance to Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen, a well known winged character of the 1930s.

In around 1925, an airplane collided with the Aerie. Resulting in the death of everyone aboard ... except an unnamed five-year-old child. The Avians discovered the child among the ruins of the plane and delivered it to the king. They were uncertain how to deal with the outsider. One of them pronounced that "the waif" had been spared by the Gods. Another feared that the child would grow to destroy them. Making his death necessary. Aerival had a much different idea. he decided to raise the boy as his own. "I shall raise him to be the strongest and wisest human. There is need for such a man in this wicked world."

In 1940 ("15 years later"), on the twentieth the education of the boy was completed. Aerivar summoned his adoptive son. He praised him for his courage. He named him "the Red Raven". The "Red" being a reference to the red hair of his son. "Raven" being a symbol of courage in this culture. He then tasked the boy with a mission. To return once more to the world of humans and "devote your life to eradicating the elements that make for unhappiness in their world". The Raven would be able to visit his dad regularly. 

In "X-Men" vol. 1 #44 (May, 1968), Red Raven narrated his history to Angel/Warren Worthington III. In this version Aerivar had not raised him. Instead he simply allowed someone else to do so. There was no mention of Aerivar's intention to help humanity. Instead the King planned to invade the United States. Preparing a surprise attack. Which would leave uncertain if the Americans would "retaliate strongly" or rendered helpless. 

Red Raven attempted to convince Aerivar that his war could backfire on them all. Causing the annihilation of the Avians. Aerivar countered by questioning Red Raven's loyalties. The attack would continue as planned. Involving a "suspended animation gas". Red Raven reacted by using the gas against the Avians. Incapacitating the army and sending everyone to suspended animation for twenty years. 

The Raven who narrated this tale was later retconned into an android. Placing doubt on some details of his narrative. 

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