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Zinda Blake was excited about flying this plane for her employers, Blackhawk Inc., which is now a shipping company. They had other plans and wanted her to co-pilot a rinky dink little plane. Angry and frustrated she goes to a bar and there Black Canary offers her a pilot job with the Birds of Prey. She accepts the job under the condition she flies how she wants. Canary agrees and Zinda later steals it with a tiny bit of help from her boss. Ted Kord takes it and installs several upgrades.  
The Aerie One's Features: 
  • Stealth Technology
  • Decoy planes for enemy radar
  • Satellite proof
  • Basic Meta and Orthodox countermeasures
  • Virtual Armor capable of withstanding Superman's heat vision for a few seconds (according to Kord)
  • A remote for controlling various features

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