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The hammer's head was forged of the Mithral his father was destined to use but did not live to see his crafting day, while the handle was crafted with adamantite. Upon the hammer's head there are three dwarven symbols edged in diamond dust. On one side is a set of crossed axes, the symbol of Clanggedin the dwarven got of battle. On the other side is an anvil and hammer, the symbol of Mordin, the soulforger. Carefully detailed and layed upon both sides is also the symbol of Dumathion the keeper of secrets. Crafted for Wulfgar, this axe was forged by Bruenor Battlehammer in his personal forge under the shadow of Kelvin's Cairn in Icewind Dale. The hammer was crafted as Bruenor's destiny creation, a tradition held by all dwarves, where once in a lifetime they have the opportunity to build a legendary weapon, weather it be for themselves or not. The forging of this weapon was so legendary that Bruenor was observed to faint when the legendary words were spoken by him. This was overseen by Drizzt Do'Urden.

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