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The truth behind the dead body inside the Man of Steel's tomb is finally revealed, and the one true Superman battles the madman behind his recent tortures!

Brainiac has been revealed as the culprit behind the Dead Again! story arc, and he has Lois Lane captive. Superman intercedes, but Brainiac convinces Superman that his corpse duplicate is alive and well, and working for Brainiac. Superman and the duplicate fight, and onlookers cannot tell the difference. Lois tricks the duplicate into revealing itself, and the Metropolis S.C.U. attack. Brainiac absorbs the energy of the duplicate, creating an impenetrable force field around him that also imbues him with super strength. Over the course of the fight, Superman reaches into Brainiac’s memories, pulling up the swallowed consciousness of Milton Fine. As Brainiac gets weaker, the Milton Fine personality takes over. Once it becomes fully dominant, “Fine” surrenders to the S.C.U., confused as to what has been happening. With Brainiac defeated, all evidence of the fake duplicate fades, as the illusions planted in people’s memory disappears. Meanwhile, Kitty Faulkner takes all of the data that S.T.A.R. Labs has learned from Superman and locks the file away.


  • Curtis King credited as cover editor.
  • On page 21 panel 1 Lois and Clark have a Superman and Batman coffee mug.
  • "DC Universe 26" one page text piece on the new DC Online website.
  • Triangle 1995 #3.
  • Chronological continuation from Superman #96.
  • Chronological continuation in Action Comics #706.


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Story Arcs

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