Adventures of Superman #518

    Adventures of Superman » Adventures of Superman #518 - The Armagetto Run! released by DC Comics on December 1994.

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    With time running out, Superman leaves New Genesis for Apokolips. There he questions Darkseid to learn what he knows of the body in his tomb.

    After ruling out the Eradicator, Luthor and Brainiac, Superman thinks the person behind the discovery of a duplicate corpse of Superman is Darkseid. Boom Tubing to Apokolips, Superman comes face to face with the Female Furies. Granny Goodness orders them to attack, and Superman fends off their assault. Darkseid orders Kanto to do his job as the court assassin. Kanto, master of subtlety, waits for Superman to be pushed back onto a weak outcropping. Then, he manipulates the Hunger Dogs, Apokolips’ poor huddled masses, into streaming onto the outcropping. Superman saves the Hunger Dogs from being dropped into the lava pit, and confronts Darkseid one-on-one. Darkseid confesses that he is not the one behind Superman’s recent woes, but hints at who is before teleporting Superman back to Earth. Superman believes that the enemy Darkseid was hinting at is Mr. Mxyzptlk.


    • Curtis King credited as cover editor.
    • Cyborg Superman doesn't appear in the story. He is inside Darkseid's golden globe.
    • "DC Universe 24" a one page advertisement piece made to look like a boxing or wrestling poster featuring the main bout between Wonder Woman and Artemis and two secondary matches featuring Batman vs Two-Face in Batman #513 and Superboy vs B.E.M. in Superboy #10. Artwork by Mike Deodato Jr.
    • Triangle 1994 #47.
    • Chronological continuation from Superman #95.
    • Chronological continuation in Action Comics #705.

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