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SUPERMAN?! With sunglasses, a leather jacket, and an eye for the ladies, this can't possibly be the old Man of Steel! Whatever you do, don't call him SUPERBOY!

Issue Tagline: The Metropolis Kid is Back!


  • The newsstand edition was $1.50.
  • The direct sales edition was $1.95.
  • The direct sales cover is die-cut.
  • There is an outline of the "S" shield is on the outer cover while the "S" shield belongs to Superboy on the inner cover.
  • The direct sales cover is dated Late June 1993.
  • The newsstand cover was penciled by Tom Grummett, inked by Doug Hazlewood and colored by Rick Taylor.
  • The newsstand cover has the initials TG (Tom Grummett) and KK (Karl Kesel?).
  • The direct sales cover was penciled by Tom Grummett, inked by Doug Hazlewood and colored by Glenn Whitmore.
  • Story continues from Adventures of Superman #500.
  • "Superboy!" a poster of Superboy by Tom Grummett and Doug Hazlewood.
  • Newspaper headlines on page 7 panel 4 are: "Ordway to Sponsor Batson Exposition" and "Kesel Rejoins Team".
  • WGBS Flying Newsroom appears.
  • Triangle 1993 #15.
  • Chronological continuation from Superman #78.
  • Chronological continuation in Action Comics #688.
CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
DSDirect Sales CoverTom Grummett & Doug Hazlewood1
Back CoverN/A2
RegStandard UPC CoverTom Grummett & Doug Hazlewood3
RegStandard Direct Sales CoverTom Grummett & Doug Hazlewood4

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Ok we all know about what I like to call the Superman Trilogy. No not the movies. This is the whole marketing scheme of DC to make Supes umm interesting and it's been that way since this. You know the death and the world without and the reign.Well DC let the Superman team to redo Supes with 1 of 4 people being him. So this one is the return no wait Superboy shows up. Apparently he's a clone from Cadmus Labs. Ok most of us probably have read this story because it was "forced on us". Why because  ...

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