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 Stay with me love.
Stay with me love.

Doomsday cuts a path from Ohio to New York. Superman and the Justice League America do everything thing to stop this monster and keep civilians safe at the same time. One by one the Justice League is taken out of action and it looks like Doomsday will rule the day. How many will die before the battle is over? Meanwhile Lex Luthor II and Supergirl look on at the battle and Luthor convinces her to stay with him in Metropolis.



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It is about time! 0

I have been reading every issue of the Death of Superman story arch and it is ridicules how the Justice League is portaded in this story.  For starter this is the first issue where Maxima finally started attacking Doomsday.  She hits he hard enough to knock him off his feet.  If she Superman Maxima, Bloodwynd SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.(Who is really Martian Manhunter) and the rest of the league attacked him all at the same time this story would have ended differently....

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One strong dude 0

This is the 90's so comics are kinda dumb. We still see many elements of comics that cauesed its decline back in the day. Go figure that this is part three (I think) of "The Death of Superman" story. So yeah, there's that.Though comics in this era aren't known to be particlularly good, I really liked how well Doomsday's invoulnerability was handled. The writer (don't know who it was) did a good job illustrating how this dude could take ten billion punches and then give ten trillion back.Doomsday...

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