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"Panic in the Sky" Part 3! The battle against Brainiac continues on Warworld as Superman, aided by Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Deathstroke and others, gains the upper hand. But for how long?

Previously, Superman fought Braniac’s Headship and tossed into the ocean. But it seems that it was not the end. The ship recovered and captured Aquaman, before coming to attack the assembled heroes of the DC universe.

The Headship fires an energy beam at the headquarters of the heroes, disintegrating part of it. This triggers the heroes into attack mode. They have worked out a code language which Brainiac doesn’t know. By this way, they hope to conceal future plans of their attack while conversing amongst themselves.

Booster Gold makes an error. He keeps his thoughts unchecked while trying to free the dangling Aquaman. The Headship, which is designed to operate on brainwaves, reads his thoughts and teleports Aquaman inside it. Guy Gardner tries a desperate move. He forms a huge energy fist and slams the Headship into the ground, temporarily disabling it. Dubbilex appears on the Mobius Chair and links his mind with Mr. Miracle to trip the emergency switches inside the ship.

They enter the ship. Dubbilex instructs them to reach the core to free Aquaman. The ship has self-repaired itself from the previous battle with Superman. Guy Gardner has a bad habit of not following orders. He almost comes close to killing Aquaman while trying to generate an energy vice to open the cell door. They free Aquaman after Superman uses his heat vision to fuse the circuits. Miracle says that he will tend to Aquaman’s injuries. Superman says that it is time for them to take the battle to Warworld.

Brainiac and Maxima watch the screens as they near our solar system. Brainiac says that he will carry the fight to Metropolis. He teleports several of Warworld’s fighters to earth. The fighters come down in the streets of Metropolis and are immediately attacked by the remaining heroes. An excellent plan made by Superman thus saves Metropolis from instant annihilation.

Meanwhile, the other heroes are traveling inside Brainiac’s Headship. They make a jump into hyperspace. Dubbilex says that Metropolis has been attacked. After sometime, the ship jumps out of hyperspace in front of Warworld. Brainiac attacks them telepathically but Dubbilex counters him. Brainiac imprisons the ship in a tractor beam and brings it down into the arena.

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Superman comes out and finds Draaga waiting for him. He hesitates but surges forward. Maxima and Supergirl are teleported into the arena. The other heroes come out. The battle begins. Draaga and Supergirl do not understand the code language and fall for Superman’s ploy. The heroes divide into two groups minus Superman and enter Warworld.

Brainiac is furious. He creates an artificial storm. But Superman manages to free Draaga and Supergirl from Brainiac’s influence. He enlists Draaga’s help in fighting Brainiac, with the promise of a duel after that.



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