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    While Superman is held captive aboard an intergalactic slaveship in space, on Earth the cops would like to talk to Clark Kent about the charred body found in his apartment. Plus, part 4 of Lex Luthor's 4-part "Hostile Takeover" tale.


    • "Wayfarer' written, penciled and inked by Jerry Ordway, lettered by Albert De Guzman and colored by Glenn Whitmore.
    • "Looking for a White Knight' "Hostile Takeover -- Part IV" written by Roger Stern, penciled by Dan Jurgens, inked by Dennis Janke, lettered by Albert De Guzman, colored by Glenn Whitmore and "Work-O-Matic" by Jerry Ordway.
    • Beatty Tire on page 5 panel 2 is a homage to Terry Beatty.
    • First post-Crisis appearance of Mongul.
    • The cover contains an error. It shows "Hostile Takeover Part Three" but it is actually part four.
    • Next chronological appearance is in Action Comics Annual #2 and then in Superman #32.

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