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Adventures of Superman #1

Have you ever imagined Chris Samnee, known for his work on Daredevil, drawing Superman? Well, there you go.

If you've been following Waid's monthly Daredevil, you should know that Samnee's art is fantastic. Thankfully, it's no different here. Well, maybe a little bit. When he draws the Man without Fear, we see some awesome panels of Matt's radar sense and all. We obviously don't get that on a Superman book, so it's absolutely nothing to be bothered about. NOTHING! Samnee does, as usual, one hell of a great job, with highly detailed lines and awesome facial expressions.

But that's enough about the art. Well, is the plot good? Yeah, it is. Despite not being brilliant, Jeff Parker delivers a superbly fun and intriguing comic. This is probably the best Superman book currently, even though only one issue has been released. Enjoy your kingship Parker, because Snyder will be taking the throne soon, when Superman Unchained comes out.

The issue features an addicted man, who takes some especial kind of drug and gets different powers. We see a lot of action. Good action. But he's not the actual villain of the arc. There's someone else behind this. We do see who that person by the end of the issue. And it was predictable. Not predictable, it was obvious. I really was disappointed, because I think Parker has taken an overused Man of Steel villain into play. Like, REALLY overused. Another problem I had with the writing was that, sometimes, it sounded like I was reading a Silver Age comic book. We see Kal talking to himself, instead of the usual monologue boxes.

Despite the bad things I've said, this was an amazing issue. I had so much fun reading it! The art is eye candy and the plot is highly entertaining. Are you a fan of the Man of Steel, like myself, but has been disappointed with the current Superman books? Look no further, because Adventures of Superman is just the book for you.


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