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Boys' Night Out

The main cover for this issue is gorgeous, best of the 'A' covers this miniseries has seen. The very soft and gentle colors really set a beautiful and serene tone, and the characters are all very well balanced out in a nice well thought out stack.

This issue was probably the most smoothly written issue, as well as the first one that didn't feel like it was a bit too short. Marshall Lee swoops in and attempts to escort Fionna down the rabbit hole into an adventure that connects all three of the major men in her life. I say tries because Fionna is an AMAZING female character. Strong, bold, independent; at every turn Fionna is already a page ahead of Marshall Lee as he attempts to act gentlemanly and carry her down pits and such, and we also find out Fionna's included frequently in Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball's "Boys Nights Out." She doesn't even need to point out the assertions of independence, she just jumps right in headfirst like the adventurer she is.

The character work in this issue is great, we get to see more of that smoother combat synch that Fionna and Cake have over Finn and Jake, and all the brilliantly crafted interactions between the titular duo, Marshall Lee, and Prince Gumball. It's not even just in the fantastic dialogue, but the bold facial expressions and body language. This comic is just as expressive as the cartoon. And it's so great to see the subtle differences, that these characters aren't just carbon copies of their counterparts with reversed genitalia.

As smooth and satisfying as this issue was, there was something a little bit off about the tone and the story. Marshall Lee swooped in at the end of the last issue and completely derailed the main story for this side story that escalates into a similar scale and draws in the plot points of the main story in such a way that this almost feels like the conclusion. Until you remember the rest of the story that's still unresolved. It's a weird feeling, but not one that totally runs the issue.

In Conclusion: 4/5

A more well rounded and well written issue than the first two, I just have concerns about the direction the story is taking, with an unrelated climax right in the middle of the miniseries.

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