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The Tough Guy starring Sandman, art by Pen Shumaker; A notorious crook, known as the Tough Guy, has a soft spot in his heart for his brother Jim, whom he does not want to see follow in his footsteps, so he enrolls Jim in a military school. The Saving Scot and the Gypsy Gyp starring Genius Jones, script by Alfred Bester, art by Stan Kaye. The Bookworm That Turned starring The Shining Knight, script by Joe Samachson, art by Louis Cazeneuve.

"The Three Comets!"

Astronomer Ted Knight decides to attend the circus. During a performance of the acrobatic Three Comets, a jewelry store proprietor is robbed. Knight investigates, as the Starman. Due to the sudden blackout, and subsequent robbery, the audience begins to panic. The Starman calls for calm, before subduing a rampaging elephant. The Starman interrogates the circus owner, Quinn, who insists that his performers had nothing to do with any robbery.

A search of the big top turns up no evidence of any stolen diamonds. Undeterred in his suspicions, the Starman surreptitiously follows the Three Comets. The crooked acrobats break into another jewelry store. The Starman confronts the Three Comets. The Starman is rendered unconscious by a thrown metal sign. The Three Comets carry the Starman out into a darkened alley to dispose of him. One of the Three Comets inadvertently activates the Starman's gravity rod, and begins to rise into the air.

The Starman grabs the man, as the other crooks grab the Starman. Once out over the river, the Starman gives the crook, holding the gravity rod, poor advice on how to land. The Three Comets end up face down in the mud, ready for police pick-up, The Starman discovers the missing diamonds, hidden among a collection of costume rhinestones.

The Spirit of Korea starring Mike Gibbs, Guerilla, script by Joe Samachson, art by Edmond Good. The Hand of Doom starring Manhunter, art by Edmond Good.


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