Adventure Comics #7

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #7 - What Did Black Lantern Superboy Do? released by DC Comics on April 2010.

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    Black Lantern Superboy targets the love of his life--Wonder Girl! Can she drag the Boy of Steel back from the brink of insanity?

    Blackest Night Tie-in

    Conner's body has been taken over by a Black Lantern and in currently fighting Cassie. Meanwhile inside Conner's mind, the true Conner fights to take back control of his body.

    Conner is able to take control long enough to whistle for Krypto and give Cassie one word, "Fortress". Cassie gets the hint and tricks Black Lantern Conner to follow her and Krypto to the Fortress of Solitude.

    There Krypto, senses Conner's body, which was put into the Kryptonian Healing Chamber by the Legion. Krypto then digs up the camber while Cassie battles Black Lantern Conner and the real Conner tries to break the Black Lantern Rings control.

    When Conner's body is brought above ground the ring is confused and leaves Conner's body and tries to go onto the dead Conner's body, but Conner freezes it and Cassie throws it deep into space.

    Conner, Cassie, and Krypto head back to Coast city to help defeat the Black Lanterns still there.



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    Conner loves Cassie and Kara 0

    Like most people I was worried that with the departure of Johns and Manapul the quality of this title would suffer.With this issue at least those concerns have proved to be unfounded.Tony Bedard is a very talented writer who has been doing great work on R.E.B.E.L.S. and is tipped to replace Tomasi on Green Lantern Corps,Travis Moore doesn't disappoint either with his pencils.There's no doubt the distinctive art style of Manapul was a big draw but Moore,although very different, renders his pages ...

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