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The Amazing Starman

In one fell swoop, communications, power, and transportation are disabled throughout the continental United States of America. Woodley Allen, a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, summons Starman. Astronomer Ted Knight is on a dinner date when he receives Allen's summons. Knight feigns illness to break his dinner engagement, then responds to Allen, as Starman. Allen informs Starman that the Secret Brotherhood Of The Electron are behind the crisis. Starman stumbles across the Secret Brotherhood Of The Electron's hidden mountain lair.

Burning his way through a sealed steel door, Starman subdues, then interrogates a member, Nelson, of the Secret Brotherhood Of The Electron. Nelson gives up the Secret Brotherhood Of The Electron's leader, Doctor Doog. Months ago, Doog abducted Professor Davis, and stole Davis' Ultra Dynamo, a device that gives Doog complete control over electricity. Nelson, leading Starman to Doog, is assassinated. Starman is thrown in with Davis. Doog attempts to subjugates Starman's will, but is surprised by Starman's resistance.

A trap door opens beneath Starman, who merely hovers above the pit. Doog's men attack Starman, only to be beaten into unconsciousness. Doog flees. Training the Ultra-Dynamo on Starman, Doog unleashes thousands of volts of electricity on the Astral Avenger. Starman blocks the current with the power of his gravity rod. Doog flees, only to fall into one of his own traps. Starman leads Davis out of the labyrinthian mountain interior, then seals the mountain, to end the threat of Doog for all time.

Lishak the Gladiator starring Mark Lansing, script and art by Howard Purcell. The Ghost Plane starring the Federal Men, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Chad Grothkopf. Treachery Off Singapore starring Steve Conrad Adventurer, script and art by Jack Lehti. The Runaway Dinosaurs starring The Hourman, script by Ken Fitch, art by Bernard Baily. Too Many Suspects starring Paul Kirk, Manhunter, script and art by Ed Moore. Defender of Barlunda starring Cotton Carver, script and art by Jack Lehti. The Menace of the Metal Gun starring The Sandman, art by Creig Flessel.

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