Adventure Comics #465

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #465 - Who Is Invading Central City? released by DC Comics on October 1979.

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    "Who Is Invading Central City" starring Flash, "Brick Battleground" starring Deadman, and Aquaman makes an "Ice Pact." In "Countdown to Disaster," the JSA must find a deadly capsule containing a poisonous substance that could kill millions if released!

    "Who Is Invading Central City!"

    A fighter jet is on a collision course with Central City. Before the Flash can act, the pilot gets control of his aircraft, and changes course. However, a sonic boom created by the aircraft still has the potential to cause property damage to Central City. The Flash sets up a counter force to cancel out the sonic boom. The scarlet speedster, though, is caught in the wake of the dissipating forces, and suffers inner ear damage. Shortly after the incident, the Flash begins picking up telepathic signals. Believing them to be extraterrestrial in nature, the Flash scours Central City, fruitlessly searching for alien invaders. The next morning, Barry Allen finds that he's still picking up telepathic signals, but they are no longer intelligible. A nagging recognition of the sounds finds Allen at the local library, listening to sound effects tapes. Allen burns through the library's entire stock of tapes, in 20 minutes, listening to each of them on fast forward. At last, he identifies the sounds being broadcast into his mind. Switching to his guise as the Flash, Allen journeys to the Central City Marine Lab. There he discovers drug smugglers stashing millions of dollars worth of cocaine in the dolphin tank. The Flash makes quick work of the smugglers, but is accidentally knocked unconscious from contact with a stray electric prod. The dolphins in the tank carry the Flash to the surface, where he quickly recovers. The Flash realizes that, in some manner, being caught in the center of the sonic booms temporarily realigned his brain waves, allowing him to pick up on the dolphin's communications with one another. As his brain waves returned to normal, the Flash ceased to be able to comprehend the dolphin's speech, but still picked up their clicks and squeals. With the smugglers turned over to the local authorities, the Flash spends the rest of the day playing with the dolphins.

    Brick Battleground!

    Wandering the streets of the city, Deadman is drawn to a commotion coming from Mason's Grocery. Inside, the proprietors are being menaced by "protection" racketeers, Leroy and Chilly Willy. Deadman possess Chilly Willy, allowing Daniel Mason to slip from his grasp. Mason lays Chilly Willy out, then chases the two extortionists out of his grocery. Mason organizes a meeting with the other merchants, trying to build a unified front, to oppose the extortionists. Mason's meeting is crashed by Stallion, the head of the protection racket. Stallion "convinces" the other merchants to pay what they "owe", lest their loved ones suffer. Returning to his grocery, Mason encounters Chilly Willy, running away. Deadman spies the dynamite Chilly Willy planted, and quickly possess Mason. Seconds before the explosion. Deadman/Mason dives for cover. As he watches his grocery burn to the ground, Mason vows revenge on Stallion. After his wife has gone to bed, Mason steals out into the night. Deadman watches as Mason scales Stallion's apartment building, enters through an unlocked window, and ransacks the dwelling, searching for the evidence to put Stallion away. With an assist from Deadman, Mason is able to crack Stallion's wall safe, and discovers ledgers detailing all of Stallion's criminal "business ventures. At that moment, Stallion enters, along with Leroy and Chilly Willy. To Mason's horror, the trio of criminals are holding his wife. Deadman heads down to the street, possesses a bum, and contacts the police. Returning to Stallion's apartment, Deadman overhears Stallion giving Leroy, and Chilly Willy, the order to kill the Masons. Deadman possesses Stallion and countermands the original order, instead telling Stallion's men to let the Masons go. Deadman/Stallion throws the ledgers to Mason, then tackles Leroy and Chilly Willy, as they give pursuit. When the police arrive, Mason hands the ledgers over, and Stallion, Leroy, and Chilly Willy are arrested.

    Countdown To Disaster!

    A deadly poison capsule has been stolen. The Justice Society of America has only five hours to recover it, before it's contents are released into the air, killing thousands of innocent people in Gotham City. When ransom demands are issued to the local authorities, the Golden Age Flash syncs his internal vibrations with the background noise vibrations on the ransom tape, and follows the trail to the blackmailers. Along with the Golden Age Green Lantern and Golden Age Hawkman, the three heroes take down the blackmailers, only to discover that their scheme was one born of opportunity. The capsule has never been in their possession. The Huntress and Power Girl investigate the scene of the crime, uncovering evidence that leads them to the cleaning woman. Meanwhile, the Golden Age Hawkman abandons the hunt, in order to enlist the aid of Dr. Fate. Power Girl and the Huntress find that the cleaning woman stole the poison capsule for her son, to trade for narcotics. The two heroines catch up with the cleaning woman's son's dealer, Trader Tom, but he's already passed the capsule on. Despite Inza Nelson's warnings, the Golden Age Hawkman disrupts Dr. Fate's conjuring, to turn Dr. Fate's attention to the crisis at hand. Pursuing the poison capsule up the drug pipeline, the Justice Society of America busts Gotham City's biggest drug czar, only to find that the poison capsule was discarded as worthless. Searching through the trash, the Golden Age Green Lantern finds molecular traces of the capsule, but not the capsule itself. The Huntress is drawn to a tuft of fur, leading the team to suspect a scavenger has made off with the capsule. Though it's a huge gamble, the Golden Age Green Lantern lights up a trail for the Golden Age Flash to follow, leading the team to a scruffy dog, gnawing on a bone. The capsule is stuck to the bone, but they're too late. The capsule's dissolving agent is seconds away from releasing the poison. At that moment, Dr. Fate arrives and banishes the capsule from the mortal plane of existence. Back at headquarters, Mr. Terrific arrives to join the team for their annual meeting with the Justice League of America.

    Ice Pact

    While escorting the submarine "Ice Buster" through the waters off the coast of Antarctica , Aquaman comes under attack by a sea serpent. Aquaman hurls an ice berg at the creature, but the icy projectile passes harmlessly through it. Aquaman attempts to push the submarine back up to the surface, but the sea serpent overwhelms him. Aquaman awakens in a medical bay. A woman named Helga offers him an explanation for his surroundings. Miles beneath the Antarctic ice, Nazi scientists built a thriving community, for the purpose of advancing the human race. In the 35 years since the colony was established, they have already perfected holographic technology, such as that used to create the "sea serpent" camouflage around their submersibles. They have also given their people the ability to breath under water for short periods of time. Helga proposes an alliance with Atlantis, but Aquaman is suspicious of the colony's motives. Sensing his trepidation, Helga has Aquaman clubbed into unconsciousness. Aquaman awakes inside an impenetrable glass sphere. A pre-recorded message informs him the colonists have created a holographic duplicate of Aquaman, that will negotiate on their behalf with Atlantis. Aquaman telepathically summons whales, sawfish, and octopi, but none are able to shatter his prison. In Atlantis, the holographic Aquaman convinces King Vulko to enter into an alliance with the colonists. Mera, however, is suspicious of the colonists. Aquaman manages to escape confinement with the aid of a giant squid. By the time he reaches Atlantis, Helga's people are already preparing to lay siege to the city. Before Aquaman can strike, Helga fires a nuclear missile on Atlantis. Aquaman is able to redirect the missile's trajectory, aiming it back at Helga's submarine. To his horror, Aquaman spies Mera chained to the hull of the submarine, seconds before the missile impacts. Mera is able to save herself by projecting a hard water shield around her. Though Helga perishes, Aquaman is still concerned that her people will continue to be a threat to Atlantis in the coming days.


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