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The Watery War Of The Weather Wizard

A rash of aircraft disappearances have occurred, off the coast of Florida, in an area commonly referred to as "The Bermuda Triangle. The last aircraft to disappear was a NATO cargo plane, carrying an experimental medical device, called a "Vibrojector". Using vibrations, it is designed to slow the pulse rate of heart attack victims suffering palpitation spasms. General Horgan, of NATO, requests Aquaman's assistance in investigating the strange phenomena, with the hopes of recovering the device. Leaving Topo, the octopus, behind to babysit their infant son, Aquaman and Mera mount their investigation. Swimming in the waters of the "Bermuda Triangle", Aquaman suddenly passes into an air pocket, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The pocket has been created by the Weather Wizard, who is able to hold the waters of the Atlantis Ocean at bay, with tidal waves created with his weather wand. The Weather Wizard is in possession of the vibrojector, and plans to use it against his old foe, the Flash. Aquaman charges the rogue, only to be pelted by hailstones as big as golf balls. Telepathically summoning a school of flying fish to shield him, Aquaman continues rushing the Weather Wizard. The villain, though, has had time to activate the vibrojector, and uses it to blast Aquaman back into the ocean proper. With Aquaman unconscious and out of the fight, Mera leaps into the fray.

As Mera enters the pocket, the Weather Wizard collapses the tidal waves holding open the ocean. Mera is crushed by several tons of rushing ocean water. Meanwhile, in Atlantis, a man, named McAnn, holds Aqualad and Aquagirl at gunpoint. When McAnn threatens to kill Aquagirl unless Aqualad leads him to his son, Aqualad swiftly jumps him, and disarms McAnn. Aquaman recovers from the vibrojector blast to find his wife, Mera, unconscious and seriously injured. He telepathically summons a host of marine life to carry her back to Atlantis, where she can receive medical care. Summoning additional aquatic life to back him up, the Sea King goes after the Weather Wizard. He finds him on a deserted beach in the Florida Keys, loading the vibrojector onto a helicopter. Aquaman orders an octopus to grab the Weather Wizard, but the rogue is quick to flash freeze the ocean, with a wave of his weather wand. Massive icicles descend on Aquaman, but the Sea KIng dodges them with ease. The Weather Wizard switches tactics and calls down lightning bolts from the sky. Running evasive maneuvers, Aquaman manages to elude the first four strikes. Noticing that one of the bolts has fused the beach sand into glass, Aquaman lifts and angles the glass, catching the next lightning bolt and reflecting it back at the Weather Wizard. The powerful bolt drops the Weather Wizard in his tracks. Back in Atlantis, Aqualad agrees to help McAnn recover his missing son, in the hopes that, in doing so, secrets of Aqualad's own mysterious origins will be revealed.

Back Up Stories

Return To Destiny

The Martian Manhunter has come to Earth, in pursuit of the man who murdered his old friend, R'es Eda. J'onzz, however, is, himself, pursued by N'or C'ott, the commander of the Martian army. C'ott fires torpedoes on the Manhunter's ship, destroying it as it enters Earth's orbit. Flying over the skies of Metropolis, Supergirl spies the explosion with her telescopic vision. Catching the falling debris before it hits Metropolis, Supergirl hurls it back at the alien ship's pilot. Struck in the arm, J'onzz, disoriented from the explosion he barely escaped from, lashes out at Supergirl. Seeing the Manhunter up close, the Maid of MIght recognizes him as her cousin's old friend, J'onn J'onzz. Realizing the rashness of her attack on the Martian Manhunter was a mistake, Supergirl, nonetheless, defends herself against him. During the course of the fight, the Manhunter's head clears. Realizing that Supergirl is not his enemy, the Manhunter ceases all hostilities. C'ott takes this opportunity to fire on J'onzz again. Still not fully recovered from C'ott's first volley, J'onzz is in no condition to save himself. Supergirl races to intercept the missiles, allowing the first one to detonate harmlessly on her chest. The second she punches into fragments. C'ott moves off, and the Manhunter opts not to pursue him, as the military commander is only doing his duty. J'onzz continues on to Earth, to search for the man who killed R'es Eda.


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