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"The Voice That Doomed...the Spectre"

Gwen Sterling is at a bank making a deposit when bank robbers enter the bank. One of the robbers uses a machine gun to kill the bank manager. The robbers take Gwen hostage and flee with the bank money. The bank's silent alarm warned Jim Corrigan of the bank heist. Corrigan arrives and recognizes Gwen is being taken as a hostage. Corrigan transforms into the Spectre so that he can follow the robbers to their hideout.

At their hideout, Gwen lies on the floor with her wrists and ankles tied while one of the robbers attempts to open the valise to count the money. The Spectre emerges from the bag. Two of the bankrobbers aim a pistol or a machine gun at the Spectre. The bullets pass through him without damage. The Spectre summons three giant snakes and claims that the robbers will enjoy eternal rest after the snakes constrict and kill them. After the snakes disappear, Jim releases Gwen.

During the drive to her home, Gwen again announces that she is in love with Jim and wants to marry Jim. Jim again rebuffs her hopes with the claim that he is nothing more than a ghost. Gwen sobs as she watches Jim drive away. She thinks she’ll never forget Jim.

That night at his apartment, Corrigan thinks about Gwen and wishes for a life as a normal man. He asks for a release from his role as the Spectre. A voice from the stars, unheard by Corrigan, agrees to restore Corrigan to a normal body.

The next day, Corrigan gets a phone call. Captain Stanley informed Jim that a hitman named Nick Shawn is trapped in a nearby apartment building. After Jim arrives and sizes up the situation, he decides to climb the fire escape, thinking that he’ll explain he had a bullet proof vest if shots are fired at him. Corrigan is suprised to discover that bullets lodge in his body. Wounded and bleeding, Jim realizes he is no longer invulnerable to bullets and falls off the fire escape. He is taken to a hospital.

After a week of recuperation, Corrigan is discharged. Wearing a sling on his right arm, Corrigan drives to Gwen Sterling’s estate. He surprises her, telling her that he is a normal person again. He proposes marriage to Gwen, and she immediately accepts with a passionate kiss.

At the close of the story, Corrigan’s wedding plans are announced in the newspaper. Underworld figures, who have a beef with Corrigan, ponder how they might prevent the wedding.

  1. "The Voice That Doomed...the Spectre" (Spectre) written by Michael Fleisher, penciled and inked by Jim Aparo.
  2. "Father Time's Inn" (Seven Soldiers of Victory) written by Joe Samachson, penciled and inked by Lee Elias.




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