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The Three Sandmen starring The Sandman, script by Larry Dean, art by Bert Christman; Wes joins up with two of his former service buddies to discover if Teeter Sneed has a hand in the killing of several of their old chums and threatening to do the same to several others. The Suicide of Major Duval: Part 5 starring Barry O'Neill, script and art by Ed Winiarski. Cal Grant's Payroll Robbery starring the Federal Men, script by Jerry Siegel, art by Wayne Boring. The Fiddler and the Bank Robbers: Part 2 starring Jack Woods, script and art by Jim Chambers. The Flying Dutchman: Part 3 starring Socko Strong, script and art by Joseph Sulman [signed as Koppy]. Professor Doolittle humor two-pager by Bob Kane. Revolt of the Thugs: Part 2 starring Captain Desmo, script and art by Ed Winiarski. Admiral Cato's Underwater Base--Anchors Aweigh!, script and art by Bart Tumey. Kidnapping in the Orient starring Skip Schuyler, script and art by Tom Hickey. The Menace of Chen Fu: Part 2 starring Rusty and His Pals, script and art by Bob Kane. In the Pit of Dagan starring Cotton Carver, script by Gardner F. Fox, art by Ogden Whitney.

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