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Despite having a somewhat iconic cover, the first story here which it refers to is pretty weak. It involves some space pirates, one of whom decides to kidnap an Earth girl to be his wife, and that girl just happens to be Supergirl. Because of this certain annihilation is averted for the Earth as she is onboard the enemy spacecraft to stop their schemes, but it ends up being contrived. The Animal Man story once again takes a few too many liberties, though it would seem necessary thanks to his odd powers. The third story involves Supergirl against a mad scientist operating from space who plans to start a nuclear war. It doesn't really make sense, and it ends with a bit of non sequitur. The best story of the group is the one with Zatanna, as it wraps up the short story arc that took up the previous two issues. It seems a bit rushed at times, probably because of the short space it had for the story, but is entertaining enough.

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