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“The Alien Among Us.” Starring Supergirl, Nasthalthia Luthor, Johnny Drew and Geoff Anderson.

"The Alien Among Us"

Tipped off to the presence of an alien being entering Earth's atmosphere, Linda Danvers, as Supergirl investigates. Supergirl finds the alien descending into Earth's atmosphere, inside a transparent bubble. The gasses preserving the alien's life ignite inside Earth's atmosphere, jeopardizing a forest with multiple balls of fire. While Supergirl extinguishes the threat, the alien makes landfall, wandering into the city of Los Angeles. Almost immediately, the alien is attack by a gang of street toughs. After disintegrating their weapons, the alien stuns the gang, in response to their unprovoked assault. As the alien steps out onto the street, it is spotted by a police patrol car. The officers give pursuit, while also firing upon the alien. Turning swiftly, the alien grabs and lifts the patrol car up, before hurling it away. Supergirl catches the patrol car, but is attacked by the alien, as she sets it safely on the ground. Impervious to the alien's weapons, Supergirl closes on it, only for the alien to vanish. Supergirl is called before the Department of State, where a chauvinistic board of committee heads bar her from continued interference in the alien's capture. Infuriated by their gall, Supergirl continues her efforts to find the alien.

Due to biased media coverage, the populace is stirred to panic, resulting in mobs of citizens assaulting anyone who seems "different". Supergirl spends the majority of her time rescuing Hippies, those with handicaps, and those with deformities, from crazed mobs who believe these people may, in fact, be the alien. In actuality, the alien is holed up in the basement of a tenement building. Found by a young child, the starving alien snatches an apple from the child's hand, hungrily devouring it. The child returns upstairs to fetch the alien a sandwich, and a banana. The alien notices that the child has a lame arm, and uses medicine from it's belt pouch to restore the arm's mobility. The child's father witnesses the alien administering to his son, and calls the authorities. As the child returns upstairs to fetch more food for the alien, police officers intercept him, and spirit him out of harm's way. With the child safe, army troops surround the tenement and demand the alien give himself up. The alien makes a run for it, only to be brought down by tank fire. The child races to the his newfound friend. and weeps over the alien's dying body.

The Weddings That Wrecked The Legion

This story was originally presented in Adventure Comics #337. A plot summary can be found for this story, on that issue page.

Warrior Shepherd

Burr MacGregor, a sheepherder, pleads with a regiment of Scottish soldiers, to be allowed to fall in and fight with them, as they march off to battle. MacGregor is rebuffed by the soldiers, and returns to tending his flock. The soldiers engage the larger enemy forces, but when their bagpiper falls, they retreat. Without the sound of the pipes to stir them to action, the Scottish soldiers lose their taste for the conflict. As the invading force approaches Campbell Castle, their march leads them towards MacGregor. The young lad upsets several large boulders upon the hill, starting an avalanche that rains down upon the column of invaders. Standing alone, MacGregor places himself between the invaders and Campbell Castle. MacGregor is quickly felled by a slew of arrows. Grievously wounded, MacGregor crawls to the fallen bagpiper. Taking the pipes, MacGregor plays a rousing HIghlander song, that rally's the Scottish troops, spurring them back into battle. The Clansmen defeat the invading force. With the battle over, the Scotsmen gather up the wounded sheepherder, and carry MacGregor back to Campbell Castle.


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