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The Ruler Without a Planet.” Starring Supergirl and Equila.

The Nature Of The Beast!

Linda Danvers, using her X-Ray vision, witnesses horrific Avian/Human hybrids tearing into Nasthalthia Luthor's next door neighbor, Mike Merrick. Excusing herself from Luthor's company, Danvers switches to Supergirl, then rushes to Merrick's rescue. Supergirl beats the bird men off Merrick, pursuing them out the window, as they take flight to escape. Suddenly, Supergirl's powers fade away. Letting go of the bird creature's talon, Supergirl leaps for a window ledge, then pulls herself back inside the apartment building. Resuming her Danvers identity, she returns to Merrick's apartment to find Luthor tending to him. Luthor takes the credit for saving the man's life. In appreciation, Merrick, invites Luthor out to dinner, quickly including Danvers, to join in their celebration. Taking both girls to a local dance club, Merrick's amorous attentions focus more on Danvers, angering Luthor enough to leave. As Merrick and Danvers leave the club, they are set upon by another pair of bird men, who carry the hapless couple away. Hours later, they are dropped in the midst of a flock of squawking bird men, inhabitants of a remote tropical island. The bird creature's king levels a litany of accusations at Merrick.

Serving as a lab assistant, Merrick aided a mysterious scientist in transforming the island's native inhabitants into the terrifying bird men. To add insult to horrific injury, Merrick and the scientist then stole a gemstone from the islander's most sacred idol. Killing the scientist, Merrick returned home with the jewel. Merrick denies the accusations. To force a confession, the bird king has Danvers carried up to the mouth of an active volcano, threatening to cast her inside unless Merrick admits his guilt. Merrick does, revealing the gem's location in his apartment. Merrick and Danvers are caged, until the gem can be recovered. Merrick ignites the dry grass covering the cage floor with a lit match. When the bird guard opens the door to investigate. Merrick jumps him, giving Danvers time to flee. Danvers returns, as Supergirl, to rescue Merrick. Once again beating down the bird creatures, Supergirl carries Merrick off the island. Before they can make it back to San Francisco, Supergirl's powers fade away again. Falling into the rough seas, it is up to Merrick to swim the couple to shore. Merrick lays Supergirl's unconscious form out on the beach. Stealing a kiss, Merrick reveals that he knows Supergirl is Danvers, and also that he truly is the amoral, murdering thief the bird king accused him of being. Merrick departs before Supergirl can regain consciousness.

The Revolt Of The Girl Legionnaires!

This story was originally presented in Adventure Comics #326. A plot summary can be found for this story on that issue page.

"The Ruler Without A Planet!"

On the hunt for Mike Merrick, Supergirl encounters a giant gorilla, called "Tunga". Escaped from a local circus, Tunga rampages through the streets, menacing the populace. Supergirl punches the ape into unconsciousness, rescuing a small child in the process. Drawn to an escalating fire, Supergirl attempts to blow it out with her super breath, only to have her powers fail. Suddenly, a small girl appears, who blows the fire out, with her own super breath. Like Supergirl, the little girl is an alien who crash landed on Earth. After demonstrating her ability to fly, the girl reveals that she knows Supergirl is really LInda Danvers. Supergirl takes the little alien girl under her wing, allowing her to serve as Supergirl's sidekick, in several adventures. One night, the girl, Equila, is telepathically contacted by her ruthless step-father. Equila has been tasked by her step-father to gain the confidences of Earth's super-human populace, starting with Supergirl. Waiting for a moment of vulnerability, Equila would then slay the hero, thus eliminating any opposition to her step-father's plans to conquer the Earth. Equila, though, has bonded with Supergirl over the past several weeks, and finds that she cannot kill her. Enraged, Equila's step-father erases her super powers, then fires upon her, from his spaceship. Supergirl blocks the beam, then takes off after Equila's step-father. The United States Air Force beat her to her quarry, shooting the space ship down. As the craft burns up in the atmosphere, Supergirl returns to comfort Equila. Rather than reveal that her step-father has perished, Supergirl allows Equila to believe that he has escaped, and will one day return to take her home.


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