Adventure Comics #346

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #346 - One of Us is a Traitor! released by DC Comics on July 1966.

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    1. Cover by Curt Swan and George Klein.
    2. "One of Us is a Traitor!" "Invasion from the edge of Space!" (part 2) written and penciled by Jim Shooter and inked by Shelly Moldoff.
    3. "Natural Beauty - - Everybody's Fight" Public Service ad.
    4. "Cap's Hobby Hints How to do it Better" by Henry Boltinoff.
    5. "Meet the Legionnaires" 2/3 page text piece providing new readers with a list of the Legion of Super-Heroes and their supporting cast.

    The Legionnaires hold tryouts for four members: Princess Projectra, Nemesis Kid, Ferro Lad, and Karate Kid. Each member does so well on their trials that they are each admitted onto the team. Meanwhile, the Legion have to deal with a violent race called the Khunds that are going to attack Earth. Unbeknown to the Legion, the Khund leader placed a spy on the team, one of the four newest members!


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