Adventure Comics #338

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #338 - The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies! released by DC Comics on November 1, 1965.

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    Story 1: The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies!

    The Time Trapper sends his crony, Glorith of Baldur, to contact the Legion of Super-Heroes and lead them into a trap. The Legionnaires meet Glorith and she is able to turn them into babies. However, she was meant to turn them into slime, so she failed and the Time Trapper came to contend with the baby Legionnaires himself. He was able to convince the children to commit crimes for him until Brainiac 5 and Superboy, who the Time Trapper misled onto a random mission, arrive. They are forced to help Time Trapper escape in return for the Legionnaires to resort to their actual age. Brainiac 5 tricks Time Trapper, though, by keeping him in a force field. 

    Story 2: The Game of Kriss-Kross Krypton 
    Superboy appears to be affected by one of Lana's board games.


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