Adventure Comics #327

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #327 - The Lone Wolf Legionnaire! released by DC Comics on December 1, 1964.

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    Story 1: The Lone Wolf Legionnaire!

    The Legion of Super-Heroes investigate the planet Zoon for robberies and come across a man named Karth Arn, the Lone Wolf, who has exhibited phenomenal powers. Light Lass suggested he should join the Legion of Super-Heroes, but he refused saying that he must always walk alone. Eventually, Light Lass learns that Karth Arn is an android and not human, so that's why he can't join the Legion. The Legion suspect that it's Lone Wolf who is perpetrating the robberies and try to apprehend him. Their search finds the Legion in the home of Dr. Mar Londo, a man who had a son named Brin Londo and created various life-like androids. However, the person posing as Brin is actually the android Karth Arn and deceived the actual Brin Londo, telling him that he was the android. Brin decides to lose the name Lone Wolf since he was asked again to join the Legion of Super-Heroes.

    Story 2: The Menace of Superboy's Father!

    Mr. Kent suffers from amnesia.

    Public Service Announcement: "Children of Tomorrow"

    Article relates how sub-standard conditions affect children in the world and quotes the "UN Declaration Of The Rights Of A Child."

    Untitled Casey the Cop story

    Casey talks to a kid eating pie and finds out he's eating a neighbor's pie .


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