Adventure Comics #324

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #324 - The Legion of Super-Outlaws! released by DC Comics on September 1, 1964.

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    Story 1: "The Legion of Super-Outlaws!"

    Dr. Marden King is the brother of the villain known as Jungle King, the man who applied for memebership in the Legion of Super-Heroes but was rejected. Keeping his eye on the planet Lallor, Dr. Marden King witnesses five teenagers exhibiting super powers that could rival those of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the team that he feels have killed his brother. He's able to deceives these Heroes of Lallor into fighting the Legion of Super-Heroes. After battle, the truth is revealed and the two super hero teams part ways. However, Duplicate Boy and Shrinking Violet have expressed a mutual attraction and have promised to keep in touch. 

    Story 2: "The Three Secret Identities of Superboy"

    Superboy is a contestant on a game show. 
    Untitled Jerry the Jitterbug 
    Jerry's mad because Helen broke up with him.  


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