Adventure Comics #319

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #319 - The Legion's Suicide Squad released by DC Comics on April 1, 1964.

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    Part One: "The Legion's Suicide Squad!"

    Synopsis: Isolationist planet Throon builds a citadel to keep others away and uses a ray to disable all passing spaceships. The first Legion team selected to take out the ray meets their defeat .

    Part Two: "The Charge of the Substitute Heroes!"

    Synopsis: The next two teams of Legionnaires also fail, but the Subs are able to put an end to the menace of Throon .

    Backup: Superboy Reprint "Superboy's Best Friend" from Superboy #77 vol 1, 1949.

    Synopsis: Freddy Shaw becomes Clark Kent's best friend and is let in on his secret identity as Superboy. Freddy proceeds to blab to his ex-convict half-brother Joe and his buddy Rick Farrow and finally in his last few hours to anyone who was close to his death bed. All of Freddy's blabbing was caused by his brain fever delirium.

    "The Golden Rule" Bob Hope Public Service Announcement.


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