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    Feature: "The Super-Planet of Clark Kent and Lana Lang!" - Lana and Clark visit Professor Potter, who accidentally send the two of them to a strange planet.

    2nd Feature: (The first Adventure issue to feature a story of the Legion of Super Heroes). Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Sun Boy are having trouble with their powers. They request Superboy's help. He joins them from the past where they are attacked by a masked villain. They request additional help from Mon-El, who's still trapped in the Phantom Zone.

    The Legion is about to be exiled from Earth since they can't control their powers, and a man in a lead mask who calls himself Urthlo claims he is responsible. When Mon-El is summoned from the Phantom Zone, Saturn Girl gives him a potion which cures him of lead poisoning, so he can defeat Urthlo, who turns out to be a robot with the face of Lex Luthor. Back in Superboy's time, Luthor built the robot and equipped it with a super-power nullifier, then sent it into the future in an attempt to destroy the Legion.

    Varsity Vic, Little Pete and Jerry The Jitterbug - 1/2 pg. gag strips.



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    A relatively standard - though admittedly better - story about the Legion of Super Heroes from one of their earliest appearances. This involves some more mostly random time travel, and the villain here is really a stretch in terms of any kind of application (hate tapes drive his rampage.) It is nice though to see the Legion slowly materializing, with Mon-El now a member of the team. This is a mostly pretty forgettable, if still entertaining enough story, and perhaps might be a good point for...

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