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  1. The Kents Second Super-Son (Superboy) written by Jerry Coleman, art by John Sikela. Reprinted in: Superboy #129
  2. Peg (gag page by Henry Boltinoff)
  3. Do You Make Life Hard on Yourself? public service message written by Jack Schiff
  4. How Aquaman Got His Powers! (Aquaman) written by Robert Bernstein, art by Ramona Fradon. Reprinted in 80 Page Giant #8, Aquaman #48, DC Special Series #19, More Secret Origins Replica Edition, Aquaman Archives #1, Showcase Presents Aquaman #1
    The story introduced the name Arthur Curry, Aquaman's parents and his Atlantean origin
  5. Little Pete (gag page by Henry Boltinoff)
  6. Green Arrow's New Partner (Green Arrow) written by Robert Bernstein, art by Lee Elias. Reprinted in Showcase Presents Green Arrow #1

Green Arrow's New Partner!

Oliver Queen tells his ward, Roy Harper, that he's going out for a walk. Moments later, Harper sees Queen, as the Green Arrow, driving away in the Arrowcar. Harper, as Speedy, surreptitiously, follow his mentor. Speedy sees the Green Arrow teaching archery, to a costumed youth. At school, Harper realizes that the Green Arrow is training a replacement for him. That night, Speedy spies on the Green Arrow's training exercises with his new protege.

The next day, Harper sees the Arrow Signal in the sky, and responds, as Speedy. Arriving at the scene of the crime, Speedy learns that the Green Arrow fired the signal, to lure Speedy out of the house. Returning home, Speedy discovers the Green Arrow showing their secret headquarters to his trainee. Speedy recognizes the boy as one of his classmates, Jerry Halleck. At school the next day, Harper refuses to answer a question about the Green Arrow, for fear of revealing his secret identity.Halleck is more than happy to respond.

At their next training exercise, Halleck, using the Antler Arrow, rescues a young boy, trapped in a moose cage. Speedy confronts the Green Arrow, and angrily accuses his mentor of training a new partner behind his back. The Green Arrow is, in fact, training Halleck to assist his father, Ed Halleck, The Hallecks plan on embarking on crime fighting careers, as the Arrows of Alaska. This is why young Halleck's training has focused almost solely on Arctic Archery. Sppedy's fears assuaged, the two youths become fast friends.


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