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  1. "Superboy Meets Robin" (Superboy) written by Dave Wood, art by Al Plastino Reprinted in: Superboy #133, Teen Titans #36, The Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told and Superboy: the Greatest Team-Up Stories Ever Told
  2. "Peg" gag strip by Henry Boltinoff.
  3. "Prisoners of Dimension Zero!" (Green Arrow and Speedy) written by Ed Herron, art by Jack Kirby. Reprinted in: DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23, The Greatest 1950s Stories Ever Told, The Green Arrow by Jack Kirby, Showcase Presents: Green Arrow #1 and The Jack Kirby Omnibus #1
  4. "Lost -- A Free Education!" public service message featuring Binky
  5. "Jerry the Jitterbug" gag page by Henry Boltinoff
  6. "The Ocean of 1,000,000 B.C." (Aquaman) written by Jack Miller, art by Ramona Fradon.
    Aquaman time-travels to the age of dinosaurs ... and cavemen.

Superboy Meets Robin The Boy Wonder

Pete Groff, the owner of Smallville's largest stadium, asks Superboy to allow a trio of scientists to study his super-powers, at the next Smallville Science Fair. On opening day, Robin, the Boy Wonder appears in Superboy's Secret Citadel. Robin immediately moves to destroy Superboy's Cosmic Clock. Quickly, the Boy of Steel disarms Robin. The Boy Wonder explains that one day, in the future, Superboy, as Superman, will be killed by a booby-trapped clock, filled with Kryptonite. With the aid of Professor Nichols' Time Ray, Robin has come back to the past, to destroy the clock, before it can kill Superman. Superboy explains to Robin that the Boy Wonder has targeted the wrong clock. Superboy, himself, built the Cosmic Clock. He hasn't yet been awarded a trophy clock from the Science Fair. The clock that will eventually slay him.

Superboy and Robin attend the Science Fair, where they listen to the lectures of the three scientists. Robin reveals that all of their predictions for the future will come true. On patrol, Superboy and Robin takes down some thieves operating a special tank, designed to steal armored cars. Superboy notices Robin surreptitiously palming some of the debris from the criminal's vehicle, and sequestering it into a pouch on his utility belt. A robot delivers Superboy's first trophy, at the Science Fair, a marble bust of the Boy of Steel. In his civilian guise of Dick Grayson, Robin joins Superboy for lunch, at the Kent home, then helps out with the chores. Back on patrol, in their costumed identities, Superboy and Robin thwart a second robbery. This time, the crooks use a flying battering ram to do their dirty work.

After Superboy has destroyed the battering ram, Robin once again takes a piece of the debris from the crime scene. Fearing that Robin may be in league with the criminals trying to kill him, Superboy confronts the Boy Wonder. Robin reveals some of the amazing feats Superboy will perform, in the future, as Superman, hoping to convince Superboy that Robin really is from the future. Robin then reveals that he was planning on giving the crime scene fragments to Superman, as a souvenir, which is why he felt the need to hide his actions from Superboy. The robot brings Superboy his second Science Fair Trophy, a statuette of the Boy of Steel. Back out on patrol, Superboy and Robin thwart a jewelry store robbery. This time the culprit is a young Lex Luthor, piloting a mechanical octopus.

The robot presents Superboy with his final Science Fair trophy, the clock. Superboy hurls the clock into deep space. Using his X-Ray vision, Superboy discovers that Groff is inside the robot. Groff decks the Robin, then fells Superboy with a Kryptonite shard. Groff exits the robot's body, to flee on foot. Pulling a microscope from Robin's utility belt, Superboy momentarily blinds Groff. Upon recovering, Robin disposes of the kryptonite. Groff's plan was to burn down his stadium for the insurance money, to pay off a gambling debt. Knowing Superboy would investigate the crime, Groff set the clock bomb to go off at the same time as the stadium bomb. Groff presented the bomb to Superboy at the Science Fair, hoping that suspicion would fall on one of the three scientists. His mission a success, Robin says farewell to Superboy, and returns to his own time.


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