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    1. "Are You a Litter Bug?" public service announcement written by Jack Schiff.
    2. "The Imposter from the Year 2958" (Superboy) written by Bill Finger, art by John Sikela. A criminal from the future roams Smallville in disguise. See if you can guess what identity this villain has assumed! Reprinted in: 80 Page Giant #10.
    3. Honey in Hollywood (gag strip) by Henry Boltinoff.
    4. "Teen Twisters" (puzzle page).
    5. "The Green Arrows of the World" (Green Arrow) written by Bill Finger. Reprinted in: DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #23, The Green Arrow by Jack Kirby, Showcase Presents Green Arrow.
    6. "Elephant and Cheetah" (1 page filler) written by Morris Waldinger.
    7. "Duck Hawk ; Anteater ; Whale" (Wonderworld : 1 page filler / written by Morris Waldinger).
    8. Chuckle Box (joke page).
    9. "The Guinea Pig of the Sea" (Aquaman) art by Ramona Fradon.
    10. Little Pete (gag strip) by Henry Boltinoff.

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