Adventure Comics #210

    Adventure Comics » Adventure Comics #210 - The Super-Dog from Krypton released by DC Comics on March 1955.

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    1. The Super-Dog from Krypton (Superboy) written by Otto Binder, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Sy Barry: First appearance of Krypto, Reprinted in Superboy #165, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #9
      Clark Kent finds a dog that has powers just like his own. Superboy found the dog in a rocket, along with written records, proving the dog was Krypto, his canine companion from when he was a baby. Superman's father Jor-El had used the dog as a test passenger when experimenting with escape rockets as the destruction of Krypton approached. Although Krypto set off before Jor-El dispatched Superboy, his rocket wandered off course, so he arrived on earth when Superboy was already a teenager. Arriving on earth, Krypto acquired super powers. His abilities included; flight, super strength, invincibility, and X-ray vision, were similar to Superman's but weaker as they were proportionate to a dog's body. Krypto acquired a cover for his secret identity by dying a patch of his all-white fur brown to disguise him as Skip, the Kents' family dog. To turn back he could burn off the dye with heat vision.
    2. The First Undersea Newspaper (Aquaman) art by Ramona Fradon.
    3. The Defeat of Green Arrow (Green Arrow) art by George Papp.
    4. They're Striking it Rich Again, two page text


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    And so it begins... the "Superman Family", before we even get a Supergirl we get a Superdog. And that's what this issue is, a super dog. Nevermind that (like people) dogs on Krypton evolved to look and behave exactly like dogs on Earth. Or the extreme coincidence of the one puppy that happened to belong to Kal-El also being launched into space before the destruction of Krypton, and also making it's way to Earth - Smallville as a matter of fact. And the fact that the dog was named Krypto (really,...

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