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  1. "CLARK KENT -- ORPHAN": (Superboy) art by John Sikela; When Ma and Pa fly to Alaska to attend Aunt Martha's wedding they get lost in a plane crash and Clark is put up for adoption. after helping 2 other boys to get adopted Clark is adopted by a rich couple whos son has run away. it soon becomes apparent that the boy ran away because his parents never let him accomplish anything himself. Superboy shows them what they were doing wrong then finds their son and brings him home. as they are reunited Ma and Pa Kent show up, turns out the plane had crashed but not as bad as was believed and everyone on board survived.
  2. "THE MAN WHO WAS RESCUED 100 TIMES": (Aquaman) script by Otto Binder, art by John Daly. all around the world Aquaman keeps running into the same man and saving him. he turns out to be a stunt man deliberately getting himself into danger that Aquaman can save him from so a movie crew can film it. he lets them use the film and his name for a charity donation.
  3. "THE SPEED CRIMES": (Johnny Quick) art by Ralph Mayo. a couple of recently released cons use a ruse of a charity bazaar to trick Johnny into helping them commit crimes.
  4. JERRY THE JITTERBUG: (humor strip)
  5. "FROM CAVEMEN TO KINGS": (text article)
  6. SHORTY: (humor strip)
  7. "THE BANGS THAT BOOMERANG": (Green Arrow) art by George Papp. the leader of a new gang has a weapon that ignites any potentially explosive material causing guns to explode in the hands of police and guards.

Public service announcement with Green Arrow and the Red Feather Kid, script by Jack Schiff, art by George Papp.


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