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  1. "The Way to Stop Superboy" (Superboy) written by Edmond Hamilton, penciled by John Sikela and inked by Ed Dobrotka. A gangster named Silver Smith tricks Superboy into thinking he is hurting people with his powers so he will stop using them.
  2. "King of Counterfeits" (Green Arrow) written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by George Papp. a boy visits his father in prison and promises to go straight but he can't help admiring clever crooks so he decides to try crime, only stealing counterfeit stuff so if he is caught he can only be charged with petty larceny but when Green Arrow finally does catch him he has mistakenly stollen a real painting worth $20,000.
  3. "Sir Butch Goes into Business" (The Shining Knight) written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by Ruben Moreira. Justin's young friend Sir Butch gets the idea to open a shop in Camalot to sell simple modern things (soap, glue, nails...) to rais money for a boy's athletics club.
  4. "A Martian Adventure" (Aquaman) written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by John Daly. at the request of the F.B.I. Aquaman investigates a valley in the Himalayan mountains with canals like those on mars and a big burning SOS.
  5. "The Day That Was Five Years Long!" (Johnny Quick) written by Otto Binder, penciled and inked by Dan Barry. Johnny uses his formula to help a man who spent 5 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit live 5 years' worth of life in a single day.

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