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  1. The Miracle Plane (Superboy)
  2. The Flying Dutchman (Aquaman)
  3. The Return Of The Skylark (Green Arrow, Speedy)
  4. Jerry The Jitterbug (humor strip)
  5. Western Journey (text story by Dale Martin)
  6. Too High For The Law (Shining Knight)
  7. The Man Who Wore Ten Hats (Johnny Quick, Tubby Watts) Ace newsreel cameraman, Jonathan Chambers, and his assistant, Tubby Watts, are stranded in a small New England town. Taking a taxi to the nearest hotel, the pair are surprised when the cab driver, Dan'L, switches hats, to that of the hotel bellhop, and brings their belongings inside. Switching hats again, Dan'L takes on the role of the hotel clerk, and signs them in. In short order, Dan'L reveals that he also holds seven other positions in the town. At the sounds of gunfire, Dan'L responds, as the town's constable. Chambers also responds, as Johnny Quick. Dan'L is shot in the line of duty. Though his injury will only incapacitate him for two days, that's all the time the crooked Mayor Claney needs, to hand out Dan'L's positions to Claney's lazy cousins.
    To keep the town from falling into ruin, Dan'L deputizes Johnny Quick, handing over his responsibilities, and hats, to the costumed crime fighter. If Johnny Quick should fail, however, to perform all his required duties, Claney will distribute them among his cousins. Johnny Quick, though, is game for the challenge. Claney inundates the post office with mail bags of circulars. As the Post Master, Johnny Quick stamps every missive in the blink of an eye, then delivers the mail in record time. When Claney's clan blows up the dam, Johnny Quick responds in the role of the Water Supply Inspector.
    After plugging the breach, Johnny Quick switches hats, to that of constable, to investigate a couple of suspicious characters sneaking into a house.At the house, Johnny Quick is ambushed by the Claneys, and subdued. Johnny Quick is tied to the giant propeller of a thresher motor, and left behind, as Mayor Claney makes plans to set the town on fire. Moving at super-human speed, Johnny Quick spins the propeller until it launches into the air, landing in town. As soon as he's cut loose from his bonds, Johnny Quick puts on the Fire Chief's hat, and responds to the fire. Johnny Quick rounds up all the Claneys and, wearing the Judge's hat, exiles the Claneys from the town.

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