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on the cover: superboy flies in to catch a toy train that has gone off the rails.

"SUPERBOY, TOY-TESTER" (Superboy, script by Don Cameron, pencils by John Sikela, inks by George Roussos) Superboy loses the money he needs to buy his teacher a birthday present so he takes a job as a toy tester.

"LIVE WIRE LOOT" (Green Arrow, art by George Papp) Green Arrow battles Bulls-Eye.

"THE WOODEN SWORD" (Shining Knight, art by Chuck Winter) after losing his arm Justin's friend Kerry thinks he can't work anymore and gets mixed up with a gang. when Shining Knight lets the gang escape to spare Kerry he is branded a coward and sent a wooden sword to use in place of his magic one.

"PERIL OF PEARL VALLEY" (Aquaman, art by Louis Cazeneuve) a pearl hunter uses a machine made up as a monster to keep native divers away from his special pearls but stories of the monster bring Aquaman.

"CALLING CARD" (text story by Tex Wade)

Nervous Norman (humor strip)

"THE SULTAN OF FLATBUSH ATOLL" (Johnny Quick, script by Don Cameron, art by George Roussos)


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