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On the cover: Superboy bends the barrel of a bad guy's gun so the bullet hits a palm tree and a coconut falls on another bad guy's head.

1. "THE ADVENTURES OF JUNGLE BOY" (Superboy) script by Don Cameron, art by John Sikela. while playing pirates with his friends young Clark finds a message in a bottle that leads him to Columbia where he finds the orphaned son of explorers accused of leading the Jaguars who raised him on attacks against a local tribe for their diamonds.

2. Casey The Cop (humor strip)

3. "THE GRADE B BURGLARS" (Shining Knight) script by Joe Samachson, art by Chuck Winter. Winged Victory is out for some exercise and befriends a milk wagon horse but the head of the bilk company threatens to replace the horse with a more reliable truck the next time he can't work. when the horse gets sick Winged Victory brings Shining Knight, leading to them doing the rout and while delivering the milk they catch thieves using a vacuum to steal furs from a truck.

4. "TUBBY WATTS, CAMERAMAN" (Johnny Quick) script by Don Cameron, art by George Roussos. Johnny Chambers is in trouble with his boss because he always gets scooped when it comes to Johnny Quick, unable to explain that he can't be Johnny Quick and take pictures at the same time.

5. Mister Piffle (humor strip by Phil Berube)

6. "THE PHANTOM FLEET" (Aquaman) script by Don Cameron, art by Louis Cazeneuve. the society crowd put on a show with replicas of the Monitor and the Merrimack (the first ironclad warships) but Blackjack and his Pierats take over the ships, replacing the fake cannonballs with real ones and planning to loot the yachts that came to watch.

7. Kafloppos (humor strip)

8. "FILM FRAME" (full-text story by Sam Case)

9. "LARCENY WITH LIGHT" (Green Arrow) script by Joe Samachson, art by George Papp. a man who invents a square light bulb is laughed at by investors so he turns to crime using light tricks, first hypnotizing then blinding his victims.


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