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  1. "The 33rd Christmas" starring Superboy, script by Don Cameron, pencils by John Sikela, inks by George Roussos; After 32 years Nick the janitor isn't able to be the school's secret Santa anymore.
  2. "Fathoms in Film" starring Aquaman, art by Louis Cazeneuve.
  3. One-page Tootsie Roll ad, Captain Tootsie Saves the Sailplane by C.C. Beck and Pete Costanza.
  4. Professor Dimnut
  5. Rogues in the Redwood starring Shining Knight, script by Joe Samachson, art by Chuck Winter.
  6. Casey The Cop
  7. Daffy & Doodle
  8. "The Proof of Perpetual Motion" starring Johnny Quick, art by George Roussos.
  9. "Guardhouse Visit" 2-page text story by Webb Dalton
  10. "Crime Spins the Compass" starring Green Arrow and Bull's-Eye, art by George Papp.

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