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    Queen of Xandar and the succeeding Nova Prime after Tanak Valt. The original Adora was killed when Nebula exterminated the Xandarians but soon replaced by her clone who later assisted in the revival of her species.

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    Adora was the Queen of Xandar and she was married to Tanak Volt. Her people and planet suffered during three different attacks. The first attack was Zorr, who siphoned all her worlds energy. The second was from the Skrulls, whom just wanted to conquer her world that led her to Fantastic Four who later aided her in driving out the Skrulls before being aided by Rom and Richard Rider. Finally, she was killed by Nebula's attack (third) on Xandar but not before revealing the demise of her species to Firelord. Adora then was recreated through a cloning process on the artificial Globe World of Xandar upon the return of SuperNova (Garthan Saal) from another dimension, which she requested the aid of New Warriors and Richar Rider to rejuvenate the planet's cloning system for repopulation of Xandarians with the Nova Force. After her revival, she assumed command of Nova Prime and rebuild Nova Corps due to her husband not being part of the cloning program after his death. Unlike her previous meek persona before her death, she had begun to take a more active role in administration and even gained the ability to contact Nova personnel through Nova Force as a psionic manifestation of her own. After Richard Rider failed to report to Xandar on an urgent mission, she relinquished his power and replaced his position with Garthan Saal until his sacrifice in destroying the queen of Dire Wraith and later returning his power to Richard.

    During the annihilation, Adora is currently missing and unknown to what has happened to her. But her death is inferred from visualization of every deceased Xandarians during Sam Alexander's meeting with Nova Worldmind when he and Richard Rider escaped from Cancerverse.


    Adora was created by Marv Wolfman and Keith Pollard. Her first appearance was in Fantastic Four #204.


    Queen Adora's hair has been changed from reddish-brown since her appearance in Fantastic Four until it was changed to darker coloration upon her cloning in New Warriors run.


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